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Klocwork plugin fails to launch tools on linux slave from windows master


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
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    • Component/s: klocwork-plugin
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    • Environment:
      Master: Windows 7, Jenkins 1.428 Klocwork plugin 1.2
      Slave: CentOS 5.6 remote job execution using SSH
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      Remote launch of Klocwork tooling on slave machine fails reporting:

      1. Plugin failure when checking for presence of Klocwork installation on Master node (not slave)
      2. Remote command execution failure due to file path separator problems with Windows master and Linux slave

      Attachment "console1.txt" shows the plugin checking for Klocwork installation on the master windows node - this fails because Klocwork is only installed on the slave node. If you create a dummy folder "\data\Klocwork" on the master, the plugin execution continues as shown in attachment "console2.txt". This shows execution of the Klocwork tools on the remote Linux machine. However, this fails due to file path separator problems (a mixture of forward- and back-slashes in the path) - attempting remote execution of "\data\Klocwork/bin/kwinject"

      These problems seem to be caused by mixture of Windows and Linux master & slave combined with the fact that Klocwork is not installed on the master node.



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