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Symlinks in a shelved project are archived as directories on Unix platforms


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      When archived symlinks are converted to directories in the shelved project archive. After unshelved the project has about twice the size of the original project. Potentially editing build descriptions and names in the unshelved project can cause discrepancies, since the builds information is duplicated.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create an empty test project (in this example project name is "empty")
      2. Run one or more builds
      3. Open shell on jenkins server in the home directory(/var/lib/jenkins/). Open dir jobs/builds/empty
      4. Run commands :
      ls -la .
      ls -la builds .
      du -hs *
      Save the output on the screen
      5. Open "empty" project page. Open "Shelve Project" link , Click on "Shelve Project" button
      6. Open jenkins start page. Open "Shelved Project" link. Checkmark "empty" project. Click on "Unshelve Project" button (BTW should be "Unshelve Projects"
      7. Repeat step 4. Compare the output with that at the step 4
      Expected : outputs should be the same.
      Actual: All symlinks are replaced with dir copies, the project size increased


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