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Ability to customise name of generated AVDs


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      [22:31:39] <jorgenpt> orrc: Any chance of getting the JOB_NAME in the AVD name? (Or allow them to be configurable?)
      [22:31:51] <jorgenpt> Because those two jobs can run in parallel :|
      [22:31:59] <jorgenpt> (on the same slave)

      Currently, using the same emulator config in multiple jobs means that only one job can run in parallel per slave.
      However, if we generated multiple AVDs, with the same config, but different names, these jobs could be parallelised.

      Instead of naming the AVD "hudson_en-US_android-4", we could call it "hudson_${JOB_NAME}_en-US_android-4".

      My concerns:

      • Do not enable this by default since snapshots use several hundred MB each – therefore creating a unique AVD per job could quickly consume a lot of disk space
      • Jobs can be renamed, which (although optional) would orphan a "hudson_${JOB_NAME}_..." AVD.
        • Perhaps there's a "rename" trigger that we can catch, and rename the AVD if it contains ${JOB_NAME}?

      I think it would be nice to add an optional "AVD Name" field, which the user can fill in with variables like $OS and $LOCALE.
      By default, if not customised, this would default to "hudson_${LOCALE}${DENSITY}${RESOLUTION}_${PLATFORM}".

      We would also accept $JOB_NAME and.. what else is useful?


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