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xcode-plugin: fails to set default keychain when using alternate (non login) keychain


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      Using the following settings:

      Unlock Keychain? checked
      Keychain path: ${HOME}/Library/Keychains/tout-iphone.keychain
      Keychain password: ******

      The build fails with the error:

      Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Developer: XXXX XXXX (XXXX)' doesn't match any valid certificate/private key pair in the default keychain

      In addition, once the build is complete, my login keychain is no longer present in the Keychain Access application.

      I've tracked this down to XCodeBuilder.java:286

      268: launcher.launch().envs(envs).cmds("/usr/bin/security","login-keychain","-d","user",

      Specifically, it's calling 'security login-keychain' when I believe it should be calling 'security default-keychain'. My build succeeds after changing this line to the following:

      268: launcher.launch().envs(envs).cmds("/usr/bin/security","default-keychain","-d","user",

      I haven't looked into how this affects configurations that don't specify an alternate keychain file.



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