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Anonymous cvs update doesn't work anymore


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      CentOS 5.7, cvs-1.11.22-9.el5, cvs plugin version 2.0
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      Since the update to the java cvs plugin, I can't do anonymous readonly cvs update anymore. It fails with this message:
      cvs update: Updating .
      cvs update: failed to create lock directory for `/var/cvs' (/var/cvs/#cvs.lock): Permission denied
      cvs update: failed to obtain dir lock in repository `/var/cvs'
      cvs [update aborted]: read lock failed - giving up

      Note: Initial checkout after cleaning workspace works, only updates don't work.

      The is also another problem which may be a side effect: I see hanging around cvs server processes which only terminate after jenkins is shut down.

      We are running cvs pserver from xinetd like this: cvs -f --allow-root=/var/cvs pserver

      CVSROOT is ":pserver:anonymous@cvs:/var/cvs"

      Anonymous readonly updates have always worked with jenkins, as well es they do with Eclipse or Netbeans.

      Did I miss something?



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