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Using a variable injected during "Prepare envrionment" stage doesn't work for Perforce Label during SCM


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      I am trying to inject a variable from a file which will tell a Jenkins test job what perforce label it should use during SCM

      My file is named change.properties and looks like this:

      In the test job, I have clicked the 'Prepare an environment for the job' section and then added the file location in the 'Properties File Path' box

      In the Perforce section, I am setting the perforce Label to be GPTCDTEST${p4.changelist}

      However when I run the job, I get this error:
      Invalid changelist/client/label/date '@GPTCDTEST${p4.changelist}'.

      which makes me think that it wasn't able to pick up the p4.changelist variable I injected.

      I have been able to do this by having an upstream job trigger the test job with parameters from the file, and this works fine, but I want to be able to have the job run on it own without requiring the upstream job.

      I also tried just inserting this variable in the 'Properties Content' section, but Perforce still can't find it:

      [EnvInject] - Injecting as environment variables the properties content

      [EnvInject] - Variables injected successfully.


      com.tek42.perforce.PerforceException: Errors encountered while force syncing: error: Invalid changelist/client/label/date '@GPTCDTEST${p4.changelist}'.

      Is there an issue with linking up a variable from the Prepare Environment section to the perforce SCM section?



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