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Lost of the latest build after jenkins restart


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      I have a recuring problem since some weeks, I though this was coming from me... so here is the description:

      • I have a build which produce junit files to be parsed and included in the results
      • each night this build run and generates a new build number + artifacts + HTML report + junit report
      • after the build, its number appears in the build history, correctly.

      However, sometimes, after a jenkins restart, the latest build (262) has disapeared from the build history, so the first one is the previous (261)! Even the artifact published are from the previous build (261).
      If I go in the workspace I can see files created by the latest build.
      When I start a new build, the build number is as expected (263).

      It's like if the build enumeration system skips the latest build.

      I join the jenkins log in attachment. As you can see the "OCHD_Inc_Build_HEAD_05_Non_Reg_Tests_RHES5_64_Atomix_Dual_Channels" jobs starts enumerating jobs by #261 while the job #262 has been ignored (the directory .../OCHD_Inc_Build_HEAD_05_Non_Reg_Tests_RHES5_64_Atomix_Dual_Channels/builds/262 exists... However, lastStable and lastSucessful has not been updated. nextBuildNumber is well set to 263).




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