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Warnings plugin tries to load wrong compiler-warnings.xml file


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      The plugin stopped loading source codes properly. I see the files in the builds/<date-time>/workspace-files folder, but some of them 0 bytes long. But the interesting thing is, that an exception is raised whenever i try to click on any warning in the list, saying for example:

      WARNING: Failed to load D:\Jenkins\jobs\<myjobname>\builds\2012-07-24_02-49-57\compiler-7-warnings.xml
      java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\Jenkins\jobs\<myjobname>\builds\2012-07-24_02-49-57\compiler-7-warnings.xml (The system cannot find the file specified)

      Of course there is no "compiler-7-warnings.xml" file in that folder only "compiler-warnings.xml", "compiler-1-warnings.xml" and "compiler-2-warnings.xml". And this happens for every builds in jobs in my system since one or two weeks. Before today (before I updated to 4.13) at least the listing of the warnings worked, I could see how many warnings the plugin found, and i could switched between folders, files, detailed, etc. Only the source display was broken. From today the build page and the dashboard applet displays the number of warnings, but when I clicked on the link, the list of warnings is empty (attached screenshot)

      There is another bug, I don't know whether they are related:

      I sarted with one customized C++ parser, I did not like the default MSBuild parser, i wanted to exclude the link warnings, etc, and the plugin listed the warnings just fine. Then I added two more custom parsers, one for C# and another one for DoxyGen (please see the attached WarningsPublisher.xml file) and things started to be strange...

      On the build report pages it shows that there are zero warnings for C# and Doxygen, though i can see in the log, that there are. The configuration of the parsers with the regular expression should be ok, at least according to the the test on the configuration page. Then if you see Dashoboard.png, the first job of C# and Doxgen table has the same number of warnings that the fist one of C++ table has, and if you click on the numbers of any table, you always find yourself in the C++ warnings page.

      Also it is strange that there are always as many fixed warnings as new ones. And the Compiler warnings trend graph shows only the number of this one job instead of a real total.


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