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More information on conditions in the output


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      Jenkins 1.467 (on Windows 7), Run Condition Plugin 0.10, conditional-buildstep plugin 1.1, Any Build Step Plugin 0.1, Flexible Publish Plugin 0.10
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      I have a project with a build step with an AND condition. The first is a BOOLEAN condition on an environment variable "TriggerGame". The second is a STRING condition on another environment variable "CONFIGURATION".

      In the same project, I also have a post-build step (using Flexible Publish Plugin) with a STRING condition on the environment variable "CONFIGURATION".

      The output of the build step (using conditional-buildstep) is not sufficient to follow the result of the evaluation:
      >> Run condition [And] enabling prebuild for step [BuilderChain]
      >> Run condition [Strings match] enabling prebuild for step [Archive the artifacts]

      In the output of the post-build step (Flexible Publish) is easier to follow:
      >> Strings match run condition: string 1=[Release], string 2=[Release]
      >> Run condition [Strings match] enabling perform for step [Archive the artifacts]

      Can you modify your output for STRING condition to be like Flexible Publish ?
      Can you add an output for BOOLEAN condition ? Like "Boolean condition: ${ENV,var="TriggerGame"} evaluate to false"


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