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      In Build -> Prerequisites check
      1. Build failed if condition find true (e.g. Build is running)
      2. If warning is selected, It gives warning but build proceeds.

      Please improve this feature such that It'll wait until condition (Another build running) false and then proceed.
      Detailed scenario -

      I can not run two build simultaneously as they share same maven repository (.m2 and .maven).
      I wish to run these builds one after another. No Concurrent builds should happened or these two jobs should not run at a time.
      Please note that These are different builds on same remote machine using same user on remote machine, Java and maven. They should not get triggered means other build should not get triggered once completion of first one and vice-versa.

      If any such facility is already available then please let me know else make improvement to above feature.

      You can also make changes/improvement to "Block build when upstream/downstream project is building".
      Just add text box below to mention list of projects not to run while current projects are running, also this feature should not trigger another build on completion.

      Please let me know if you need more information.

      Sadashiv M Kulthe



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