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Specifiing resources without IDs breaks the locking mechanism


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      The plugin allows to configure resources that have names, but no IDs. This breaks the locking mechanism.

      The plugin should check this requirement for all inputs or use other distictions than the specified ID for the internal locking mechanism.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create two resources with different names, without specifiing an ID
      2. give those resources an equal property (e.g. type=tablet)
      3. create two jobs requiring one of these two resources (selection criterium: type=tablet)
      4. execute the two jobs in parallel

      Expected result:

      • both resources get locked and then unlocked by the two jobs

      Actual result:

      • the first job that finished will do well, unlocking the first resource
      • the second jobs fails to unlock it's resource, stating WARNING The resource has already been unlocked by some other means.
      • the second resource remains locked



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