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Not all unit test failures reported; looks like not all xml files being read


    • Type: Bug
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    • Component/s: xunit-plugin
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      Jenkins 1.512
      xUnit 1.54
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      Using xUnit.
      Not all unit test failures reported; looks like not all xml files being read.

      The TEST-*.xml files in generatedJUnitFiles/ directory contains all results, but it looks like not all of them getting into the junitResult.xml file. Therefore Jenkin's displayed result of job run does not show all failures.

      Attached are all 8 of the TEST-.xml files and the junitResult.xml file. As you see, the junitResult.xml does not contain all of the TEST-.xml files.

      Note sure if this is the same issue as JENKINS-11217

      (This is my first Jenkins Jira, so let me know if this report needs improvement.)


        1. junitResult.xml
          20 kB
        2. TEST-1166885271.xml
          5 kB
        3. TEST-1168216595.xml
          4 kB
        4. TEST--1205405971.xml
          3 kB
        5. TEST-1237775542.xml
          4 kB
        6. TEST-1909086772.xml
          11 kB
        7. TEST-238631542.xml
          1.0 kB
        8. TEST-240831352.xml
          5 kB
        9. TEST--424792108.xml
          1 kB
        10. TEST--459194063.xml
          2 kB
        11. TEST-571237265.xml
          5 kB



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