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Resorce is not released when manually cancelling a job during SVN updates (first part of job)


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      When I cancel a build during ANT all seems ok and the resource is released:

      Releasing previously locked resource: 10101010101...
      Resource 10101010101 successfully released.

      But when I cancel a job while it's doing SVN updates, it will not release it's resource (no output as above in console + on the manage jenkins - nodes - master I see that resource still marked as "reserved") and then all next scheduled jobs starve. I only have a master node, no slave - so very simple setup.

      It probably happens because the resource is "reserved" not "locked" so it doesn't have something to actually unlock, but it should also "unreserve". I tried it with default reservation time setting of 3 seconds and also with 0 seconds.



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