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Missing change history for perforce change, changelog.xml not properly escaping content


    • Type: Bug
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    • Component/s: p4-plugin
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      Jenkins 1.523, RHEL 5.5, Perforce plugin 1.3.24, All changes plugin 1.3, changes since last success plugin 0.5
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      For some perforce changes, the changes is empty when it shouldn't be. The changelog.xml contains the data, but it doesn't show up in Jenkins. Upon close inspection, trying to parse the xml results in

      XMLSyntaxError: Sequence ']]>' not allowed in content, line 1492, column 31

      Looking at the changelog.xml, the '<' reserved xml character is properly replaced with its entity reference &lt, but the '>' reserved xml character is not replaced with its entity reference &gt.

      The solution to this would be as simple as finding where the text is being placed in the xml (PerforceChangeLogParser.java?) and escaping all the xml reserved characters.

      The impact of this bug is that changes with reserved xml characters in the description can cause the changelog.xml to be syntactically incorrect, and Jenkins to falsely show no changes.



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