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      Current versions of email-ext come with 18 triggers. Unfortunately, it seems to be that the UI for managing triggers hasn't kept up with the number of new triggers added.

      The triggers are not grouped, and sorted alphabetically, so that related triggers are far apart, and relationships aren't evident. While trigger names appear to be succinct, the large number means it's more difficult to find specific triggers, and it's not clear what their behavior is without reading the help.

      Some have names that suggest a different behavior from what they do ('Building' looks at first more like 'Before Build' – just later – rather than e.g. 'No longer failing').

      Some seem to have no purpose at all (when can 'Not Built' be triggered? Something related to polling maybe? Or canceled queue items? Help doesn't say)

      Some descriptions seem to be incomplete (Improvement and Regression refer to the number of failures, but seem unrelated to Failure trigger – "test/analysis failures", if it's about that, would be much more helpful)

      Some hide important parts of their config behind 'Advanced' (the script triggers)

      What's the use case for 'Fixed' when there's 'Fixed Unhealthy'?

      A few suggestions:

      • Rename 'Building' to e.g. 'No longer failing'.
      • Try to change the order of triggers in the list, so that related or similar triggers are next to each other
        Maybe keep the alphabetical sort, but name the triggers for the basic state they apply to? "Failure (any)", "Failure (first)", "Failure (second)", "Failure (still failing)" or something like that? "Script: After build", "Script: before Build"; "Still Unstable: More test failures", "Still Unstable: Fewer test failures", ...
      • More exhaustive help: What are 'multiple failures'? When can 'Not Built' be triggered?
      • Show the script text area for script triggers outside 'Advanced', at least when first adding them (since triggers are hidden behind one 'Advanced' button anyway, could always show this without cluttering up general job config screen).




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