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Perforce P4PORT, username and password entry in global configuraiton


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      We have thousands of project running on Jenkins, all of them uses Perforce plugin as SCM. Our perforce user password gets expired every 90 days, that make use to change the password for each project manually. This is a big burden for us.
      can you please enhance the perforce plugin in below way:

      1. Provide P4PORT, P4USER and P4PASSWORD in global configuration (May be multiple add option, if we have more than one user or p4port)
      2. From the job config, in perforce section, in place of "P4PORT, username and password" you can have dropdown to select the details which was added in global configuration.

      You can also have advance option, where use can override the details provided and global config and enter the new details from job config (all three which present in current plugin)

      This will make sure that we make the password changes at one place and save lot lot more time.


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