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Option to control repos cache path directory


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      I would like to see an option to change the hgcache folder path location. Having this on another drive then the jenkins installation path would be useful, just like I can change the workspace directory. Normally I install the OS on a drive, jenkins and custom service on different partition and have a separated physical drive for scratch (workspace). I would like to include the hgcache onto the scratch drive (this way my setup have very little writing on the OS/application drive/partition (which is backuped) and write a lot on a non backuped drive that can be swap without impact (drive is dead just replace it and mount it at the same place).

      I took a look at the source code of the plugin, I guess the following line should be modified to use a variable instead:


      FilePath masterCaches = master.getRootPath().child("hgcache");
      FilePath localCaches = node.getRootPath().child("hgcache");
      104: FilePath masterCaches = master.getRootPath().child("hgcache");

      158: FilePath localCaches = node.getRootPath().child("hgcache");

      There's also some log trace that would need to be changed.

      This is a quick feature request that could enchance the configuration of this plugin. Thanks



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