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Artifactory Plugin guava dependency problem


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      org.jfrog.build.extractor.BuildInfoExtractorUtils.mergePropertiesWithSystemAndPropertyFile uses the method com.google.common.io.Closeables.closeQuietly(Ljava/io/Closeable that has been removed since guava 16.x and has been re-added in guava 17.x but with different parameters types: InputStream and Reader instead of Closeable.
      This breaks the maven build because java.lang.NoSuchMethodError is thrown.

      libguava-java:amd64 package has been upgraded on July from 15.0-2 to 17.0-1 in debian testing repository, so all new maven installation are affected.
      Restoring the library to previous version fix the problem.

      Please notice into attached log that system libraries (/usr/share/maven) are imported into classpath when launching java.


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