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Integrate Artifact Deployer with Jenkins REST API


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      Jenkins 1.532.3
      Artifact Deployer Plugin 0.29
      Windows 7 x64 OS
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      It appears there is no easy way to extract information about the deployed artifacts managed by the artifact deployer plugin using the Jenkins REST API. This prevents users from loading / downloading build artifacts from a remote scripting environment.

      For example, when using the Jenkins built-in artifact manager you can simply load the REST API data for a particular build and look at the 'artifacts' property defined therein to get a list of deployed artifacts, which in turn are directly accessible using a sub-URL of the form: artifact/


      . However, for some reason these properties are empty when using the artifact deployer plugin and there doesn't appear to be any other way to enumerate and download these artifacts.

      If I am mistaken and there is some way of (a) retrieving a list of the artifacts deployed by a particular build and (b) to programatically download one or more (or all) of these artifacts via the REST API, please let me know.



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