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Inefficient build order for Maven2 projects


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      We're using Maven 2 to build our modules. I've created the projects in
      Hudson and set a build trigger to build whenever a SNAPSHOT dependency
      is built. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to do this in a
      breadth-first dependency order.


      All of our projects bar one have as a parent our company wide pom,
      which defines repositories, profiles, etc.

      If this project is built, it kicks of a build for the world, but lots
      of them are built repeatedly.

      e.g. Project Common contains our common POM.

      Project Alpha depends on Project Gamma and Project Common.
      Project Gamma depends on Project Common only.

      If Project Common gets built, Project Alpha seems to get built next
      (due to alphabetic ordering somewhere?), then Project Gamma is built,
      and the Project Alpha is built again, since Project Gamma has just
      been built.

      When we have 20 projects, this gets a little inefficient, with certain
      projects being built 3 or 4 times when they really only should be
      built once.


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