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Won't run either job when both queued in an upstream/downstream situation


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      Centos 6.4, Jenkins 1.610 / 1.611
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      Recently upgraded to Jenkins 1.610. Nothing that 2 jobs were running that not supposed to run at the same time as I have "Block build when upstream project is building" and "Block build when downstream project is building". When to first job in the stream and verified configs set. When I went to the first downstream job, and look in the "Advanced Project Options" section, there's no "Advanced" button to click to look at settings. What's weird is I know there are settings as I "Use custom workspace" and can see (when I try to run the job) that this setting is still in effect. Upgraded to 1.611 to see if fixed and same issues exists. I had also recently installed the "Build Blocker" plug-in and wondered if that had any interactions. But after uninstalling and restarting Jenkins, still have the same issues. As I can't have to coordinate some jobs, this is a blocker.



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          Summary Advanced button not showing on Advanced Project Options Won't run either job when both queued in an upstream/downstream situation
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