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[Testlink] : Junit test case are not running into testlink "not run"



    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Blocker
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    • Component/s: testlink-plugin
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    • Environment:
      Jenkins: 1.6010
      Plugin of Testlink: 3.10
      Testlink application: 1.9.13
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      I've connected a WIN 7 Slave machine on JENKINS (a node). On this machine I have set up Squish to run automatic test cases.

      On jenkins job, I’ve attached Testlink and Squish plugins. Squish is calling direcly by "Testlink API which is the main application. (Look at Conf.png and conf2.png)

      At the first part on "Testlink Configuration», we can see Testlink connection => No Pb => Connection OK

      At the second part "Test Execution" => Teslink call Squish plugin to build auto test cases and return Junit results. The Junit test results are generated on the slave machine folder => No Pb => test result are generated and displaying on Jenkins (result_JENKINS.png)

      The last step is to take the Junit XML result to update into Testlink => So i use Testlink plugin to found JunitResult.xml file and find the corresponding test suite in Testlink application. But it cannot update the result. (No log is given)

      Several "Result Seeking Strategy" are possible : method, class and test name.

      I've tested 2 methods:

      • By class name: “suite_test2.tst_Create_a_IP_worksite” (look at my Junit result). So in Testlink the class path is the same between the two parts. Not works!

      And I’ve already try by using “Jenkins.plugins.Testlink.”Name of my testSuite”.Name of my testcase”

      • By test suite name: by matching the two same names of the XML result and the test suite in Testlink ("suite_test2"): Not works!

      I would like to know if there is a Bug or not?
      I’ve seen many issues like this but I don’t understand if its a bug or not.

      Thank for your time


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