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New version not saved when only Promoted builds plugin configuration is saved


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      When inheritance project contains promoted build configuration, i.e Promoted build plugin is installed and "Promote builds when..." is configured on a project, then subsequent modifications to "Promote builds when..." subsection is not immediately visible and no new version is saved.

      This is because promoted builds plugin stores only references to promotion processes in the config files, i.e. :

      <hudson.plugins.promoted__builds.JobPropertyImpl plugin="promoted-builds@2.20-SNAPSHOT">

      And the configuration of promotions processes themselves are stored under "promotions" subdirectory.

      Because VersionedObjectStore.areIdentical 's implementation compares configuration strings:
      Jenkins.XSTREAM2.toXMLUTF8(o1, os1);
      Jenkins.XSTREAM2.toXMLUTF8(o2, os2);
      It will not detect changes and store a new version.

      The way promoted builds plugin stores configuration breaks versioning in inheritance plugin.

      This bug consists of two parts:
      1. Provide short term workaround to get Promoted builds configuration working, even sacrificing versioning, i.e. always the latest version of promoted builds configuration is used.
      2. Create bug to solve problem completely, i.e. COS: versioning is working even with changes made only to the promotion processes.



          jcztery Jacek Tomaka added a comment - Part 1 : https://github.com/i-m-c/jenkins-inheritance-plugin/pull/39


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