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Join Plugin ignores dependencies wrapped with flexible-publish


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      Join trigger doesn't work in the expected way when combined with Flexible Publish plugin.

      • Project A triggers project B, project C conditionally (using flexible-publish).
      • Project A triggers project D via Join plugin.

      In this case, join plugin works as followings unexpectedly:

      • (not critical) Project B,C,D will be displayed in the project status page.
        • Expected bahaivor: Only project B, C will be displayed.
      • (critical) Project D is triggered just after project A finished.
        • Project D is triggered after project B, C finished.

      This is the behavior just like when project A has no project dependencies except join trigger.
      This means join trigger fails to find out dependencies wrapped with flexible-publish.


      I want to check some env variable before triggering 2 downstream projects which are joint after their build to 1 other project.

      So I declared my conditions then add a 'build downstream project' action with my two projects plus a 'Join Trigger' action to join the projects to another project once they have built successfully.

      When I have a look of my main project dashboard I see it triggers all of the 3 projects as downstream whereas It should trigger only the first two ones




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