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Pull image fails if image already exists and is up to date


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      When using the "Pull Image" build step, the build fails if the image has already been download and is up to date.

      I am using the following values for the Pull Image build step.

      • Name of image to pull: centos
      • Tag: latest

      The following error occurs in my build log:

      [Docker] INFO: Pulling image centos:latest
      [Docker] INFO: {"status":"Pulling from docker.io/centos","id":"latest"}
      [Docker] INFO: {"status":"Already exists","progressDetail":{},"id":"f1b10cd84249"}{"status":"Already exists","progressDetail":{},"id":"c852f6d61e65"}{"status":"Already exists","progressDetail":{},"id":"7322fbe74aa5"}{"status":"Already exists","progressDetail":{},"id":"7322fbe74aa5"}{"status":"Digest: sha256:a4627c43bafc86705af2e8a5ea1f0ed34fbf27b6e7a392e5ee45dbd4736627cc"}
      [Docker] INFO: {"status":"Status: Image is up to date for docker.io/centos:latest"}
      [Docker] ERROR: command 'Pull image' failed: Can't find downloaded image centos:latest
      ERROR: Can't find downloaded image centos:latest

      and the build fails.

      If the image is up to date, then surely the plugin should recognise this and not mark the step as failing?

      This prevents running the build multiple times as the image is downloaded successfully the first time, however subsequent builds fail because the image has already been downloaded.



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