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Load parameters from external file doesn't work on 'dumb' Jenkins slave


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      When Jenkins is running in master/slave mode, and a job which uses the Parameterized Remote Trigger Plugin is running on the dumb slave, using the option 'Load parameters from external file' doesn't work.

      We have a job set up which executes all kinds of things, and then writes a file in $WORKSPACE/versiontodeploy.txt with the following contents:


      (Obviously, the version number changes on every build)

      Since the job can run on two different nodes, the location of the file can be different. On the master node, the $WORKSPACE has location:


      And on the slave, the location is:


      The file is configured as '/versiontodeploy.txt' in the plugin settings, and since this is relative to the $WORKSPACE, it works fine on the master node. In theory, it should also work on the slave node, but it does not. The parameter cannot be found.

      This then causes the job on the remote Jenkins instance which needs to be triggered to fail, since this instance requires a parameter named DEPLOY_VERSION, and this is empty (because it cannot be found in the versiontodeploy.txt file).

      I have now restricted the job to the master node, but this is of course not ideal.




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