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Feature request: cascading project settings


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      I don't know how difficult this would be to implement, but it would be handy to
      have a user-definable set of "default" project settings that cascade into the
      setting for real projects. Real project can override the cascaded properties as
      they see fit.

      For example, almost every one of my projects uses the Sventon repository
      browser. When it is enabled they all point to the same URL and the same
      repository instance. When I start a new project I have to set up Sventon with
      these properties (with out typos). It would be easier to have the project
      automatically aquire these setting from the cascade.

      If at some later date I was to move Sventon to a new location I would like to be
      able to change the settings in one place (the top of the cascade) and have all
      the projects pick up the change. Currently I would have to edit all of the
      projects individually (with out making mistakes).

      In the few cases where I do not need the cascaded setting I would like to be
      able to override them in the individual projects.

      I've used Sventon in my examples, but in practice I always publish JavaDocs and
      Junit reports to the same location (relative to the project). I always pick up
      the Cobertura coverage report from the same location. I poll the source
      repository at the same time schedule. I use the same project-based security for
      most of my projects (there are a couple of projects where I need to give
      people less access rights).

      More importantly I always want the "Trigger even if build is unstable" setting
      to be turned on for all projects (I want to see how unstable builds effect down
      stream projects). However, we only get this option when we assign the first down
      stream project and it's default is off. Since I'm usually concerned with
      configuring the down stream project at this point it's easy to forget to set
      this flag.


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