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Git Plugin not finding jobs building on branches with forward slashes


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      I have a git repo called uberad-platform. There is a branch in this repo called: jmihalich/bidders/dynamicHosts. When i commit changes to this branch and push to the remote repo, the post receive hook makes the following curl command to the jenkins server:

      curl http://jenkins.ubermedia.com:8080/git/notifyCommit?url=<omitted>:uberad-platform&branches=jmihalich/bidders/dynamicHosts.

      However, jenkins responds with this:

      No git jobs using repository: <omitted>:uberad-platform and branches: jmihalich/bidders/dynamicHosts

      I've attached a screenshot of the relevant portion of the jenkins job showing that it is in fact using the correct branch.

      This was working at some point, and either broke or functionality changed that i'm not aware of. I don't know if this is related specifically to the fact that there is a slash in the branch name or not. All i know is, other jobs that just have a branch name like Production or Stage are found and build correctly when we push to those branches.

      Please advise.




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