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Add option to restrict job to a specific agent


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      Currently the exclusive execution plugin assumes that the associated job must have exclusive access to the entire build farm managed by the Jenkins master. While this is handy in many cases, it would be nice if this plugin provided an option to limit the restriction to a single build agent. The use case I am thinking of is when you want to run a job that requires complete access to the target build agent without compromising any currently running builds, like if the job is to perform some kind of cleanup or maintenance on the target agent. In these cases it would be nice if the plugin could simply mark the specified agent as being temporarily offline rather than setting the entire master to quiet down mode, and then to halt execution until all of the executors on the one target agent are idle before continuing with the job.

      I was thinking that having some kind of drop-down list in the plugin configuration under the "Set exclusive execution" area of a jobs build environment options. By default the option could be set to "all" to mimic the current behavior and thus preserve backwards compatibility, but then would provide the user the ability to select one specific agent from the drop down list to isolate / target the scope of the exclusivity.



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