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      From e-mail:

      I've recently updated to the NUnit 3.x console runner, and it seems that the new version of NUnit runner inserts a BOM character at the strat of the XML output.

      This is breaking the NUnit plugin because the SAXParser doesn't like the BOM character at the start of the XML file.

      Here is a screenshot of the exception in Jenkins:
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      I have attached an exmaple NUnit test result which contains the BOM character - it breaks the current plugin.

      If you view the XML using a hex viewer (e.g. NotePad++ with Hex plugin), you can see the offending character:
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      A possible solution to fix this issue
      (with code stolen from here:

      Add some kind of method to that checks for the BOM in the FileInputStream and removes it if found.

      I have attached an example solution.

      I know that GitHub is designed to allow for pull requests for strangers like me to fix the issues, but I ama C# guy, not a Java guy (and I don't know how to manipulate FileInputStream objects properly!)

      If you geta chance, pleae could you fix this issue

      Many thanks


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