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Copy console output of triggered job into console of current job


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      I am asking for an option to directly copy (or kind of "tee") the console log of a triggered job into the console of the triggering job.

      I currently have two parameterizable jobs which are utilized as build steps (via "Trigger/call builds on other projects") in my "main" jobs (i.e. for building software artifacts and for transferring the binaries to a test target).

      Now I would like to have the console log of the triggered "helper" jobs displayed within the console of the triggering main jobs: The console log of the main job is being sent within an e-Mail in case of an unstable or failing build. If the main job fails because a triggered job is failing it would be very helpful to immediately see the console output of the triggered job within the e-Mail notification. But I can see other scenarios as well, where this would help us, e.g
      + For release builds we store the console log for archiving purposes. Having a complete all-in-one console log is more desirable than having three separate ones.
      + Sometimes we decide to keep builds (i.e. having them excluded from log rotation). Having the complete console log in those builds won't require us to also mark the corresponding helper jobs as "keep forever".


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