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Android Emulator plugin fails to shutdown AVD since SDK emulator 25.1.6 release


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • Environment:
      Ubuntu 16.04 64bit
      Android SDK revision 25.1.6
      Jenkins 2.5 and 1.651.2
      Android Emulator Plugin 2.14.1
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      Android Emulator plugin fails to correctly shutdown the emulator started for the test, but this fact is not logged in console output:

      [android] Starting Android emulator
      [android] Erasing existing emulator data...
      $ /var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk/tools/emulator -engine classic -ports 5748,5749 -report-console tcp:5832,max=60 -prop persist.sys.language=en -prop persist.sys.country=US -avd hudson_en-US_160_HVGA_android-19 -no-snapshot-load -no-snapshot-save -wipe-data -no-window -no-audio -gpu off
      [android] Emulator reported that the console is available on port 5,748
      [android] Waiting for emulator to finish booting...
      $ /var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb -s emulator-5748 wait-for-device shell getprop init.svc.bootanim
      [android] Emulator reported that the startup process is 'stopped'
      $ /var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb -s emulator-5748 logcat -v time
      [android] Emulator is ready for use (took 23 seconds)
      [test2-maremoto-studio] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson1987499027468087201.sh
      [android] Stopping Android emulator
      [android] Archiving emulator log
      $ /var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb kill-server
      Finished: SUCCESS

      This leads to

      1. emulator processes continue consuming CPU and RAM
      2. next emulator start fails due to resources remains locked
        [android] Starting Android emulator
        [android] Erasing existing emulator data...
        $ /var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk/tools/emulator -engine classic -ports 5726,5727 -report-console tcp:5861,max=60 -prop persist.sys.language=en -prop persist.sys.country=US -avd hudson_en-US_160_HVGA_android-19 -no-snapshot-load -no-snapshot-save -wipe-data -no-window -no-audio -gpu off
        WARNING: SD Card image already in use: /var/lib/jenkins/.android/avd/hudson_en-US_160_HVGA_android-19.avd/sdcard.img
        ko:Snapshot storage already in use: /var/lib/jenkins/.android/avd/hudson_en-US_160_HVGA_android-19.avd/snapshots.img
        emulator: WARNING: Classic qemu does not support SMP. The hw.cpu.ncore option from your config file is ignored.
        emulator: WARNING: userdata image already in use, changes will not persist!
        emulator: WARNING: cache image already in use, changes will not persist!

      The root cause is Google emulator console behavior change: now you MUST authenticate in emulator console before you can issue 'kill' command. This change was introduced about a week ago when Android SDK 25.1.6 was released.

      But the Android Emulator plugin can't handle authentication required - it simply issues 'kill' command to the emulator console, and the emulator silently refuses this unauthorized command.

      Talking to emulators leaved running by plugin "by-hands" via telnet(1) - shutdowns them successfully:

      kaa@AGnb:~$ ps -augxw |grep ^jenkins |grep emulator
      jenkins  23511 15.2  4.4 1144460 333832 ?      Sl   12:12   0:34 /var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk/tools/emulator64-x86 -engine classic -ports 5698,5699 -report-console tcp:5839,max=60 -prop persist.sys.language=en -prop persist.sys.country=US -avd hudson_en-US_160_HVGA_android-19 -no-snapshot-load -no-snapshot-save -wipe-data -no-window -no-audio -gpu off
      jenkins  23518  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    12:12   0:00 [emulator64-cras] <defunct>
      kaa@AGnb:~$ sudo cat /var/lib/jenkins/.emulator_console_auth_token ; echo ""
      kaa@AGnb:~$ telnet 127.1 5698
      Connected to 127.1.
      Escape character is '^]'.
      Android Console: Authentication required
      Android Console: type 'auth <auth_token>' to authenticate
      Android Console: you can find your <auth_token> in 
      Android console command help:
          help|h|?         print a list of commands
          avd              control virtual device execution
          auth             user authentication for the emulator console
          quit|exit        quit control session
      try 'help <command>' for command-specific help
      avd name
      auth JDKCEhwZ6jhmnIV3
      Android Console: type 'help' for a list of commands
      Android console command help:
          help|h|?         print a list of commands
          event            simulate hardware events
          geo              Geo-location commands
          gsm              GSM related commands
          cdma             CDMA related commands
          crash            crash the emulator instance
          kill             kill the emulator instance
          network          manage network settings
          power            power related commands
          quit|exit        quit control session
          redir            manage port redirections
          sms              SMS related commands
          avd              control virtual device execution
          qemu             QEMU-specific commands
          sensor           manage emulator sensors
          finger           manage emulator finger print
      try 'help <command>' for command-specific help
      OK: killing emulator, bye bye
      Connection closed by foreign host.
      kaa@AGnb:~$ ps -augxw |grep ^jenkins |grep emulator

      As I can see, lines 584-586 of "src/main/java/hudson/plugins/android_emulator/AndroidEmulator.java" must be patched to issue 'auth' command before 'kill'

              // Stop emulator process
              log(emu.logger(), Messages.STOPPING_EMULATOR());
              boolean killed = emu.sendCommand("kill");




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