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Read users do not have permission to view Snippet Generator and Step Reference


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      In JENKINS-31831, the snippet generator and the API reference docs were moved out of the configuration view, and to their own separate links on the project.

      This was good, as they could be accessed without going into the configuration of the project.

      But it seems these new links are only available to users with access to change the configuration of the project.

      In our environment, we are using the Multi-Branch plugin to scan our repo and setup projects. The developers of those projects would like to be able to read the docs, and use the snippet generator.

      But I do not want to give them access to configure the project – I just want them to be able to read the docs. Because of the current restrictions via permissions to be able to reach these links, it seems they can not read the docs nor use the snippet generator without being given project configuration authority.

      I could see the snippet generator containing some sensitive info (though it still would not be able to change the build) – but definitely see no reason that the api docs should not be available to any user with read access to the project.



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