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Pipeline support for Promoted Builds Plugin


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      Pipeline support for Promoted Builds Plugin
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      This enhancement request is for the Promoted Builds plugin to support Jenkins' 2.X style Pipelines.

      Pipelines are the new paradigm that Jenkins 2.X is promoting heavily – with its ability to define the build process in code, automatic build discovery, and great integration with repository systems for automatic build / testing of pull requests.

      There are many places within the new Pipeline style where the Promoted Plugin could be used to great effect:

      • builds could dynamically https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-36089#promote and save artifacts, pushing them into other pipeline jobs
      • Users could manually promote pipeline builds that have been through some kind of QA process
      • Permalinks provided by the Promoted Builds plugin could be used in pipeline builds

      Basically, the same vast number of use cases that the Promoted Build Plugin provides today could be taken advantage of by builds defined via the Pipeline API and Jenkinsfile build definitions.

      Reference here for the API changes that are required for a plugin to be available in a Pipeline build:

      Original reference bug:


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