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PR's do not meet the criteria when Include Branches is set


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      When a multibranch pipeline is created with Bitbucket, if the Include Branches Filter is changed from the default * to a different value, PR's are not being built.

      My understanding is that PR's should be built regardless of the branch filters specified.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new Multibranch Pipeline
      2. Choose Bibucket as the Source and specify the repo info as well as an Include Branches
        1. For example I specified: "master* PR*" to build the master + PR branches but nothing else
      3. Create a PR in the Bitbucket run the Branch Indexing
      4. Jenkins will not pick up the PR
      5. Modify the Include Branches back to the default of just a star * and Run Branch Indexing
      6. Jenkins will correctly pick up the PR
      7. If you modify it back to "master* PR*" Jenkins will again remove the PR job because it does not meet the criteria


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