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postBuild and notifications shouldn't be stages


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      with postBuild being a stage, this results in a confusing experience.

      User is used to seeing:

      A->B->C->postBuild steps

      Should things fail on A, they will see:


      This hides the fact there are other stages that would normally be executed.
      For stage view, and blue ocean, this can result in a visual report of:

      A->postBuild->B (skipped) -> C (skipped)

      which is very confusing.

      So either postBuild steps should be rolled into the final stage that was executed (acceptable) or else if there is a failure, all subsequent stages have to be reported (but with no steps in them) so that the presentation is consistent (former is easier and clearer).

      I believe James Dumay will be able to explain more.

      The bottom line is by making postBuild a synthetic stage, the structure of the pipeline radically changes depending on success of failure (vs just being early terminated).


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