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Add support for claiming a 'stage' within a pipeline job



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      The claim plugin currently operates on the job level (i.e. allow claiming of jobs/builds). This is fine if you have a lot of small freestyle jobs. But with the new pipeline jobs (previously known as workflow jobs) you only have one job for your entire pipeline. The claim plugin already support claiming a failed pipeline job (JENKINS-27206) but this doesn't align with every use case. Since pipeline jobs are made up of stages - and visualized as such by both the Stage View plugin and the new BlueOcean UI - it would ideal if you could claim a certain stage (ie. part of the pipeline).

      I understand this may not be a trivial change since the concept of a stage isn't (yet?) as fundamental to Jenkins as jobs are. Nevertheless I think to a lot of folks claiming ownership of a failed stage would feel more natural than claiming the entire pipeline run.



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