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User can run parametrised pipeline


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      Parametrised pipelines are to be supported in blue ocean.
      This means when a user presses run (either on a branch, dashboard favourite, or non multibranch button) it will need to immediately pop up asking for input. The run will not commence until input is captured. If user cancels it, no run starts.

      There is a linked design ticket for how this looks (and api)

      In scope:

      • Form to dynamically render required parameters (based on api)
      • Popup dialog
      • Providing feedback on input (validation) and when accepted, redirect to running page for the run that has commenced

      For the design (visual and more) of this, see the design ticket: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-38393

      Sample pipeline that requests all types of input that need to be supported:

      properties([parameters([booleanParam(defaultValue: false, description: 'this is bool', name: 'boolParam'), choice(choices: 'a\nb\nc', description: 'this is choice ', name: 'choiceThing'), text(defaultValue: 'defaultval', description: 'this is multiline', name: 'multiLIne'), password(defaultValue: 'nada', description: 'This is password', name: 'pass'), string(defaultValue: 'defaultparam', description: 'This is string param', name: 'stringParam')]), pipelineTriggers([])])
      echo "yeah"

      NOTE: to get jenkins to ask for input - you have to run this pipeline once to set the input required config in Jenkins. After that, the next time you run it, it will show the form in classic:


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