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      Dear all,

      First thank you if you are reading this.Currently I'm facing an issue for 3 months regarding the Polling on the Slave machines.No it become very critical.The only workaround found is to restart the Jenkins Master.
      I have several jobs that are using a plug-in based on X-Trigger plug-in.This plug-in makes polling on the slave machine to check if there are any DeltaFiles between the slave sandbox and the IMS server (e.g. something like GitHub but much worse).
      The jobs are runing well after a restart of the Master Jenkins but after 2-3 hours it hangs up.
      I'll attach the thread dumps that I analysed but without success.I also investigated the same issues but still no progress.
      Could you please give me some hint.Any help is highly appreciated since I'm overwhelmed with requests from users that the jobs are not starting to build and modifications are present.
      Another workaround that is seen as a solution is to get at least one more Jenkins Master so that the jobs will be splitted.
      Please advice!

      Best regards,



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