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PR are not build if read access is not available on the Source branch


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      When I try to initiate a build for the PR request, it shows

      Looking up MI/apis for branches
      Checking branch master from MI/apis
      Met criteria
      Looking up MI/apis for pull requests
      Checking PR from ~ABISHEK_MANOHARAN/apis and branch master
      Does not meet criteria

      Now, the credentials used in Jenkins for Bitbucket does not have permission to read "~ABISHEK_MANOHARAN/apis" repository, but it has the permissions to read/write on "MI/apis" repository.

      It's not possible to provide the credentials read access to all the repositories from which a pull request might come.

      Using the credentials I am able to view and approve the PR on the Bitbucket Server Web interface, so I think it should be possible to build with the PR from Jenkins as well.

      If, I give read access to "~ABISHEK_MANOHARAN/apis" repo, then it's building fine.



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