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Developer should be asked for their Github token when loading the editor


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      Blue Ocean 1.0-rc3, Blue Ocean 1.1, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta1, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta2, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta3, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta4, Blue Ocean 1.2


      Improvement on roadmap

      This improvement is on the Blue Ocean project roadmap. Check the roadmap page for updates.

      A Github token is required to read and write the Jenkinsfile. In the situation where a second user tries to edit a pipeline and they have never provided their Github token, the editor should prompt them for their token. They could also be asked to provide their credential if the one stored is invalid.


      • When loading the editor we should check that the token they have associated with the user is valid and has the correct scopes to write to the repository.
        • If they cannot write to the repository they should see a dialog:
          • Title: Permission denied
          • Description: You do not have the required permissions to edit this Pipeline.
          • Button: "Go back"
      • If there is no token, we ask for the token (as per the mockups below)
        • Title: "Connect to Github"
        • Description: "Jenkins needs an access key to read and write to the repository <i>$repositoryName</i>"
        • Buttons
          • Connect
          • "Cancel" - takes you back whence you came

      Keep in mind that we will have to make the same flow work for when the user does not have SSH credentials for Git and Bitbucket. Does not need to be resolved this effort but just something to think about as you are developing.



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