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Creating a pipeline with SCM of Perforce Software breaks the form box lengths for the whole pipeline page


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      Configuring a pipeline script to be pulled from a P4 SCM causes the forms to extend for the whole page messing with the UI(see attached screenshots)


      Steps to reproduce:

      -Running in above environment

      -Create pipeline job "TestPipeline"

      -Add a "Poll SCM" schedule(this is not required but it will show the form messing up)

      -Add a "Pipeline Script from SCM"

      -Choose Perforce(Observe the forms are squashed on the right side making it hard to configure)

      -Save job

      -Go back into the configure screen

      -Observe the forms becoming stretched


      Changing the SCM back to Git will resolve the problem so it is exclusively related to the P4 form handling.


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