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Extension point for ez-templates collaborating plugins


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      Add an Extension Point for templating such that other plugins can supply their own template rule instead of ez-templates trying to handle everything itself.

      This pre-reqs an amount of maturing of the codebase:

      • pipeline support (this changes the interface quite a bit)
      • step support (at least a rough idea of how it would look so the public API isn't going to limit us)
      • rollback support?

      Solution must be:

      • migratable (newer ez-templates should continue to support older collaborators with existing in-house code but defer to extensions if they exist)
      • backwards-compatible (users can upgrade ez/collaborators independently and expect templating to still work)
        • Investigate how Jenkins uses semantic versioning to see if we can rely on major version changes to block clashing upgrades
      • Should use resources (or jelly?) for textual content
      • Have unit test which runs in the collaborating project
        • Assert templating works with and without a given exclusion
        • Assert UI text of the exclusion follows any expected pattern
      • Documented - JavaDoc mostly then link to it from Confluence


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