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Promotion Plugin with Static Jobs causing Dynamic Parameters to Invoke Multiple times



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      1. create Job A
      2. create Job B
      3. configure Job A with a build step the that blocks until trigger for parameterized job B completes,  
      4. configure Job A with a dynamic parameter with following groovy:
      println "JOB PARAMETER"
      return [1,2,3]
      1. configure Job A with a promotion when... Job B is successful
      2. build the job
      3. check jenkins logs for "JOB PARAMETER"  take note of the count.  i.e.  grep "JOB PARAMETER" /var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log | wc -l
      4. click Build with parameters for Job A agains
      5. check jenkins logs for "JOB PARAMETER"  take note of the count2.  i.e.  grep "JOB PARAMETER" /var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log | wc -l
      6. difference should be 1 however it's 4.

      the more blocking jobs you add to Job A the promotion job call generation of parameters many times over for each static job.   
      this in turn is leading to a lenghty load time to several of our jobs that make a webservice call of the paramters and the job has about 7 static downstream jobs and the paramter generation happens about 120 times per job load or build click.



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