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Parmaterized Variable not passing to downstream jobs



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      Jenkins 2.54 running on ubuntu 16.04. Using git plugin 3.3.0 and parameterized trigger plugin 2.33
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      I have a webhook from gitlab that kicks off a jenkins job.  I am writing the GIT_COMMIT environment variable to a file, and using the paramterized build to pass that key:value string to the next job.

      However, when the next job kicks off, which runs an ansible playbook, I noticed that the variable I am passing via the parameterized trigger plugin is empty.  To verify its not an issue with ansible, I ran a shell command at the start of the second job, to echo out the variable.  The echo command produced no output.


      I am setting the value in the first jenkins job via a shell command
      echo "GIT_KEY=${GIT_COMMIT}" >/tmp/git_tag_test.txt


      And then in a post build action, I select Trigger parmeterized builds on other projects.  I am using the properties from the file above, and I verified the properties file contains the GIT_KEY=githashvalue.

      After searching for similar issues, I also set the following in the JAVA_OPTS for jenkins, in hopes this would help, but it had no impact.




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