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Perforce plugin not showing change lists anymore


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      I am seeing some oddness in my latest hudson setup with the latest perforce
      plugin. I have several machines and they all work. this one does not which leads
      me to belive it's a bug on in the latest perforce plugin. My latest setup using
      the latest hudson jar or a previous version Hudson ver. 1.322 does not show
      perforce changes.

      Sample log, can someone explain what workspace is off lines means? and how to
      change that? I have serverla sucessful runs here. It appears to be sync'ing but
      not reporting the changelists. Maybe it cannot parse them anymore? I am using
      the same version of p4 that worked in previous versions so I think the bug is in
      the perforce plugin.

      Started on Oct 3, 2009 1:01:27 PM
      Workspace is offline.
      Scheduling a new build to get a workspace.
      Done. Took 0 ms
      Changes found

      Another sample scm log, seems to stop at the point it gets the changelists. If I
      run the command on the command line it works as expected. So I think it can't
      parse the results from p4 changes any more

      Started on Oct 3, 2009 2:01:27 PM
      Looking for changes...
      Using master perforce client: some-client
      [Project-Twister-US] $ p4 workspace -o some-client
      Changing P4 Client View to: //removed by me/... //removed by me/...
      //removed by me/... //removed by me/...
      //removed by me/... //removed by me/...

      Last sync'd change was 2697282
      [Project-Twister-US] $ p4 changes -m 1 //some-client/...

      Let me know if you need more information or how I can better trouble shoot this.





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