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Node.LabelMissing error in Jenkins 2.71


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      Short problem description: Job on dedicated slave not started since Jenkins 2.71


      Detailed description:

      1. I have jobs that run only on slave nodes with dedicated labels (label-A && label-B).
      2. Then, I have slave nodes that contain these labels label-A, label-B, label-C, ... .
      3. In the slave node configuration, I have also configured that only a special user (user-ID coming from LDAP) is allowed to run jobs on this slave.
      4. Problem: when I want to launch the job, the job is queued with the hint Node.LabelMissing (I found it in Google: https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/blob/master/core/src/main/resources/hudson/model/Messages_de.properties). When I move the mouse over the job in the queue, I get more details about the missing label. The list contains many many slave nodes which do not contain the label, which is correct. But it seems that my dedicated node is not considered at all.
      5. After rolling back to Jenkins 2.70 (exchanging the war file, no change in plugins), the job can be started without any problems.



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