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Disable jobs which don't follow lint best practices


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      This is just an idea of being able to disable jobs which contain lint defects, in order to do that we might need to:

      • be disabled by default.
      • prompt a message about when it's enabled to double check what it means
      • allow reenabling disabled jobs which were disabled when disabling this feature
        • the same when disabling this per defect/severity
      • define whether this feature is enabled/disabled globally.
      • define what severities can be excluded from the global settings, such as: isBetterOrEqualTo: HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW
      • define what defects can be disabled from this particular automation globally: such as: GitShallow doesn't disable jobs.
      • define what message should be added to the JobAction, such as: "This job has been disabled since it is uses git without Shallow, you can fix if you ...."
        • message can combine more than one defect. 
      • define what control comments should be supported to allow fine setup granularity per job.
        • if the jobdescription contains:
          • "ignore:disabling:gitshallow"
      • ignored/disabled defects shouldn't do anything



      • Setting severities in the global settings



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