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Raw log with timestamps is cut short


    • Type: Bug
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    • Component/s: timestamper-plugin
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      Timestamper 1.8.8
      Jenkins 1.651.3
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      Viewing the consoleText log with timestamps works, but viewing the plaintext log with time stamps does not work properly. The log is cut short, and the time stamps ends too early.

      Console text has proper time stamps:

      00:40:41.937 Finished: SUCCESS

      Plain text (.../timestamps?appendLog) does not:

      00:40:41.937  make[3]: Entering directory '/buildroot/otp-OTP-19.2/erts/lib_src'
        make[3]: Nothing to be done for 'all'.

      The number of timestamps is about 16k, but there are 26k lines in the log. I can see that some parts of the log, e.g. what looks like empty lines, is handled differently in the consoleText part compared to the plaintext part:

      consoleText skips empty lines:

      00:00:16.744 Sending build context to Docker daemon 19.46 kB
      00:00:16.834 Step 1 : FROM openjdk:8u131-jre-alpine

      /timestamps does not:

      00:00:16.744  Sending build context to Docker daemon 19.46 kB
      00:00:16.835  Step 1 : FROM openjdk:8u131-jre-alpine

      Here the time stamp becomes skewed.

      It looks like the code which presents the plaintext output does not match the code for the consoleText in some cases which skews the times. This makes the plain text timestamp output essentially useless for most logs.



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