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Jenkins configure system save and apply buttons missing


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Blocker
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Component/s: core
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    • Environment:
      Jenkins 2.75
      running on Redhat Linux
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      On the Jenkins configuration system page there is no "save" or "apply" buttons at the bottom of the page.   also no footer stating " page generated: or Jenkins ver. 2.75" appears on the page.



      Opening chrome developer tools shows the following

      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'firstChild' of undefined
      at registerValidator (hudson-behavior.js:424)
      at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
      at behavior.js:111
      at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
      at behavior.js:107
      at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
      at Object.applySubtree (behavior.js:93)
      at adjuncts/f320c8a4/lib/credentials/select/select.js:269


      also shows element as


      On pages that have the "save" and "apply" button this element shows as 

      Not able to create new configurations and save them. 

       Here is my plugin list.  I saw that there was a issue with the JIRA testing plugin that causes similar issue, but we do have have a JIRA plugin installed



      LDAP Plugin (ldap): 1.16 SSH Slaves plugin (ssh-slaves): 1.21 MSBuild Plugin (msbuild): 1.27 SSH Credentials Plugin (ssh-credentials): 1.13 Git plugin (git): 3.5.1 Pipeline: Step API (workflow-step-api): 2.12 Static Analysis Utilities (analysis-core): 1.92 Pipeline: SCM Step (workflow-scm-step): 2.6 Ant Plugin (ant): 1.7 built-on-column (built-on-column): 1.1 Monitoring (monitoring): 1.68.1 OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin (antisamy-markup-formatter): 1.5 Hudson Blame Subversion Plug-in (BlameSubversion): 1.200 SSH plugin (ssh): 2.5 GIT server Plugin (git-server): 1.7 Authentication Tokens API Plugin (authentication-tokens): 1.3 Timestamper (timestamper): 1.8.8 Violations plugin (violations): 0.7.11 Docker Commons Plugin (docker-commons): 1.8 Structs Plugin (structs): 1.10 Durable Task Plugin (durable-task): 1.14 Pipeline: Stage Step (pipeline-stage-step): 2.2 Pipeline: Model Definition (pipeline-model-definition): 1.1.9 Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries (workflow-cps-global-lib): 2.8 PAM Authentication plugin (pam-auth): 1.3 SSH2 Easy Plugin (ssh2easy): 1.4 Self-Organizing Swarm Plug-in Modules (swarm): 3.4 File Operations Plugin (file-operations): 1.6 JavaScript GUI Lib: Moment.js bundle plugin (momentjs): 1.1.1 Job Import Plugin (job-import-plugin): 1.8 Resource Disposer Plugin (resource-disposer): 0.7 Pipeline: REST API Plugin (pipeline-rest-api): 2.8 JavaScript GUI Lib: ACE Editor bundle plugin (ace-editor): 1.1 Subversion Plug-in (subversion): 2.9 Gradle Plugin (gradle): 1.27.1 Credentials Plugin (credentials): 2.1.14 Git client plugin (git-client): 2.5.0 External Monitor Job Type Plugin (external-monitor-job): 1.7 PowerShell plugin (powershell): 1.3 Branch API Plugin (branch-api): 2.0.11 Icon Shim Plugin (icon-shim): 2.0.3 Status Monitor Plugin (statusmonitor): 1.3 Email Extension Plugin (email-ext): 2.58 Plain Credentials Plugin (plain-credentials): 1.4 Conditional BuildStep (conditional-buildstep): 1.3.6 Matrix Configuration Parameter Plugin (matrix-combinations-parameter): 1.2.0 Async Http Client (async-http-client): jQuery plugin (jquery): 1.11.2-0 Maven Info Plugin (maven-info): 0.2.0 Scriptler (scriptler): 2.9 Token Macro Plugin (token-macro): 2.2 Multijob plugin (jenkins-multijob-plugin): 1.27 Docker Pipeline (docker-workflow): 1.12 Pipeline: Stage Tags Metadata (pipeline-stage-tags-metadata): 1.1.9 Windows Slaves Plugin (windows-slaves): 1.3.1 Cobertura Plugin (cobertura): 1.11 Deploy to container Plugin (deploy): 1.13 Maven Artifact ChoiceListProvider (Nexus) (maven-artifact-choicelistprovider): 1.1.3 SCM API Plugin (scm-api): 2.2.1 Static Analysis Collector Plug-in (analysis-collector): 1.52 Pipeline: Supporting APIs (workflow-support): 2.14 Extensible Choice Parameter plugin (extensible-choice-parameter): 1.4.0 Config File Provider Plugin (config-file-provider): 2.16.3 Run Condition Plugin (run-condition): 1.0 Publish Over SSH (publish-over-ssh): 1.17 Pipeline: Milestone Step (pipeline-milestone-step): 1.3.1 Pipeline: Declarative Extension Points API (pipeline-model-extensions): 1.1.9 Pipeline: Nodes and Processes (workflow-durable-task-step): 2.14 Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin (matrix-auth): 1.7 JavaScript GUI Lib: Handlebars bundle plugin (handlebars): 1.1.1 Configuration Slicing plugin (configurationslicing): 1.47 WildFly Deployer Plugin (wildfly-deployer): 1.0.2 EnvInject API Plugin (envinject-api): 1.2 JUnit Plugin (junit): 1.21 HTML Publisher plugin (htmlpublisher): 1.14 Subversion Tagging Plugin (svn-tag): 1.18 Workspace Cleanup Plugin (ws-cleanup): 0.34 JavaScript GUI Lib: jQuery bundles (jQuery and jQuery UI) plugin (jquery-detached): 1.2.1 Credentials Binding Plugin (credentials-binding): 1.13 Pipeline: Multibranch (workflow-multibranch): 2.16 Maven Invoker plugin (maven-invoker-plugin): 1.3 SSH Agent Plugin (ssh-agent): 1.15 Parameterized Trigger plugin (parameterized-trigger): 2.35.1 Repository Connector (repository-connector): 1.1.3 Copy Artifact Plugin (copyartifact): 1.38.1 Pipeline: Input Step (pipeline-input-step): 2.8 Maven Metadata Plugin for Jenkins CI server (maven-metadata-plugin): 1.5.0 Maven Integration plugin (maven-plugin): 2.17 Javadoc Plugin (javadoc): 1.4 JaCoCo plugin (jacoco): 2.2.1 GitHub Organization Folder Plugin (github-organization-folder): 1.6 bouncycastle API Plugin (bouncycastle-api): 2.16.2 Compress Artifacts Plugin (compress-artifacts): 1.10 View Job Filters (view-job-filters): 1.27 Pipeline (workflow-aggregator): 2.5 Maven Deployment Linker (maven-deployment-linker): 1.5.1 Pipeline: Declarative Agent API (pipeline-model-declarative-agent): 1.1.1 Permissive Script Security Plugin (permissive-script-security): 0.1 Active Choices Plug-in (uno-choice): 1.5.2 Maven Release Plug-in Plug-in (m2release): 0.14.0 Pipeline: API (workflow-api): 2.20 GitHub API Plugin (github-api): 1.86 Translation Assistance plugin (translation): 1.15 JBoss Management Plugin (jboss): 1.0.5 Matrix Project Plugin (matrix-project): 1.11 Pipeline: GitHub Groovy Libraries (pipeline-github-lib): 1.0 MapDB API Plugin (mapdb-api): FindBugs Plug-in (findbugs): 4.71 Node and Label parameter plugin (nodelabelparameter): 1.7.2 GitHub plugin (github): 1.28.0 Parameterized Remote Trigger Plugin (Parameterized-Remote-Trigger): 2.2.2 Deploy WebLogic Plugin (weblogic-deployer-plugin): 4.0 Pipeline: Groovy (workflow-cps): 2.39 Pipeline: Model API (pipeline-model-api): 1.1.9 Pipeline Maven Integration Plugin (pipeline-maven): 3.0.0 Pipeline Graph Analysis Plugin (pipeline-graph-analysis): 1.5 Pipeline: Basic Steps (workflow-basic-steps): 2.6 TestNG Results Plugin (testng-plugin): 1.14 Run Condition Extras Plugin (run-condition-extras): 0.2 Display URL API (display-url-api): 2.0 Checkstyle Plug-in (checkstyle): 3.49 Pipeline: Build Step (pipeline-build-step): 2.5.1 HPE Application Automation Tools (hp-application-automation-tools-plugin): 5.2 GitHub Branch Source Plugin (github-branch-source): 2.2.3 Script Security Plugin (script-security): 1.33 Environment Injector Plugin (envinject): 2.1.3 Slack Notification Plugin (slack): 2.2 Folders Plugin (cloudbees-folder): 6.1.2 PMD Plug-in (pmd): 3.49 Pipeline: Stage View Plugin (pipeline-stage-view): 2.8 Text File Operations (text-file-operations): 1.3.2 Pipeline: Job (workflow-job): 2.14.1 JSch dependency plugin (jsch): Jackson 2 API Plugin (jackson2-api): 2.7.3 build timeout plugin (build-timeout): 1.18 Mailer Plugin (mailer): 1.20 Result: [Plugin:ldap, Plugin:ssh-slaves, Plugin:msbuild, Plugin:ssh-credentials, Plugin:git, Plugin:workflow-step-api, Plugin:analysis-core, Plugin:workflow-scm-step, Plugin:ant, Plugin:built-on-column, Plugin:monitoring, Plugin:antisamy-markup-formatter, Plugin:BlameSubversion, Plugin:ssh, Plugin:git-server, Plugin:authentication-tokens, Plugin:timestamper, Plugin:violations, Plugin:docker-commons, Plugin:structs, Plugin:durable-task, Plugin:pipeline-stage-step, Plugin:pipeline-model-definition, Plugin:workflow-cps-global-lib, Plugin:pam-auth, Plugin:ssh2easy, Plugin:swarm, Plugin:file-operations, Plugin:momentjs, Plugin:job-import-plugin, Plugin:resource-disposer, Plugin:pipeline-rest-api, Plugin:ace-editor, Plugin:subversion, Plugin:gradle, Plugin:credentials, Plugin:git-client, Plugin:external-monitor-job, Plugin:powershell, Plugin:branch-api, Plugin:icon-shim, Plugin:statusmonitor, Plugin:email-ext, Plugin:plain-credentials, Plugin:conditional-buildstep, Plugin:matrix-combinations-parameter, Plugin:async-http-client, Plugin:jquery, Plugin:maven-info, Plugin:scriptler, Plugin:token-macro, Plugin:jenkins-multijob-plugin, Plugin:docker-workflow, Plugin:pipeline-stage-tags-metadata, Plugin:windows-slaves, Plugin:cobertura, Plugin:deploy, Plugin:maven-artifact-choicelistprovider, Plugin:scm-api, Plugin:analysis-collector, Plugin:workflow-support, Plugin:extensible-choice-parameter, Plugin:config-file-provider, Plugin:run-condition, Plugin:publish-over-ssh, Plugin:pipeline-milestone-step, Plugin:pipeline-model-extensions, Plugin:workflow-durable-task-step, Plugin:matrix-auth, Plugin:handlebars, Plugin:configurationslicing, Plugin:wildfly-deployer, Plugin:envinject-api, Plugin:junit, Plugin:htmlpublisher, Plugin:svn-tag, Plugin:ws-cleanup, Plugin:jquery-detached, Plugin:credentials-binding, Plugin:workflow-multibranch, Plugin:maven-invoker-plugin, Plugin:ssh-agent, Plugin:parameterized-trigger, Plugin:repository-connector, Plugin:copyartifact, Plugin:pipeline-input-step, Plugin:maven-metadata-plugin, Plugin:maven-plugin, Plugin:javadoc, Plugin:jacoco, Plugin:github-organization-folder, Plugin:bouncycastle-api, Plugin:compress-artifacts, Plugin:view-job-filters, Plugin:workflow-aggregator, Plugin:maven-deployment-linker, Plugin:pipeline-model-declarative-agent, Plugin:permissive-script-security, Plugin:uno-choice, Plugin:m2release, Plugin:workflow-api, Plugin:github-api, Plugin:translation, Plugin:jboss, Plugin:matrix-project, Plugin:pipeline-github-lib, Plugin:mapdb-api, Plugin:findbugs, Plugin:nodelabelparameter, Plugin:github, Plugin:Parameterized-Remote-Trigger, Plugin:weblogic-deployer-plugin, Plugin:workflow-cps, Plugin:pipeline-model-api, Plugin:pipeline-maven, Plugin:pipeline-graph-analysis, Plugin:workflow-basic-steps, Plugin:testng-plugin, Plugin:run-condition-extras, Plugin:display-url-api, Plugin:checkstyle, Plugin:pipeline-build-step, Plugin:hp-application-automation-tools-plugin, Plugin:github-branch-source, Plugin:script-security, Plugin:envinject, Plugin:slack, Plugin:cloudbees-folder, Plugin:pmd, Plugin:pipeline-stage-view, Plugin:text-file-operations, Plugin:workflow-job, Plugin:jsch, Plugin:jackson2-api, Plugin:build-timeout, Plugin:mailer]


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